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The more members we have, the stronger that voice is and the better we can have a clear representation of our regions construction professionals.

The Cornwall Construction Association is a group of reliable, dependable and respectful companies within the Cornwall Area and Counties. Whether you are looking to build a small project, remodel a home or new construction; the Association will help you by introducing you to the best contractors, tradespeople and suppliers in the Cornwall Area and Counties.

As a business owner or manager of an industrial/commercial development project, you may benefit from our list of members, which includes, Financial Institutions, Warranty Suppliers, various Trades incl. plumbing, electrical, restoration and renovation contractors.

As a builder, developer, contractor, carpenter, subcontractor, or any other professional serving residential and commercial property owners in the Cornwall Area and Counties, we are here to help you make your business the best that it can be.

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Join our association to be part of our monthly meetings, gather with new skilled tradesman and contractors. Evening sessions where Companies/Suppliers/ Financial Institutes provide you with detailed information about their products. And most importantly, open topics where you can receive the latest innovations and news in our area.